• What is Sudy?

    Sudy is a leading sugar daddy dating app aimed exclusively for the wealthy, successful millionaires who are looking for their perfect match.

  • How does the Sudy App work?

    1.Nearby: Quickly find users near you.

    2.Pulse: Filled with high quality members you probably like.

    3.Online: A List of recently-active members.

    4.Newbie: A List of newly registered users.

    5.Tapit: Swipe right to like the person and swipe left to pass. If the person you like likes you back, you two will be matched. People who are swiped right by you will be listed in "I like", and they can see you liked them. But there isn`t any notifications sending to the people you passed.

    6.Moments: Where you can post attractive pictures.

  • Are there any rules?

    First of all, be nice. We want you to feel comfortable and express yourself, but if other users complain that you`re rude, pushy or threatening, we`ll take it very seriously. Also, any contents you upload to your Sudy profile must comply with our terms and conditions and not break copyright. If you upload pornographic, violent or otherwise offensive material, we`ll delete it and we may ban you from Sudy.

  • What does the icons besides username mean?

    Red Flower Icon: People with this icon means they have been verified to be real. There is a verified photo named "Beauty Verification" listed behind other photos in their profile. Swipe left, you will see it.

    Coin Icon: People with this icon means they have submitted some documents to prove the "Annual income" they filled in their profile is true.

    Diamond Icon: People with this icon are Sudy Premiums. Sudy Premium can enjoy more privileges. Check out all the Sudy Premium privileges by tapping on "Me" > "Premium".

  • Payment problems?

    1.If you have registered multiple Sudy accounts, please check that your premium subscription matches your account.

    2.If you have finished payment but still don't have access to the features, try log out and log in again. You can also try closing and reopening the app. Please force a sync of information before that.

    3.If there`s a notification of 'failed payment' in your profile, please tap 'retry' and wait a moment. Please ensure you have been charged. There will be records of successful transaction on your bank or credit card.

    4.If you do not want to pay through Apple iTunes or Google Play, send a message to Feedback.

    5.If none of the above approaches could help solve your problem, feel free to contact us with your SID.

  • How do I edit my profile?

    There is an option to edit your profile by tapping on Me > your avatar, when you see your profile, you can click on the top right corner to open the "Edit Profile" page.

  • How do I change my gender in my profile?

    Gender cannot be modified once you sign up. Please register a new account on www.sudy.app

  • What is Sudy Talks?

    Sudy Talks is a place to share and discuss dating ideas and relationships with other members.

  • What`s SID for?

    It`s a special user ID for your account. Follow the steps to find it: Sudy > Me > Settings > Copy SID, then paste it to our support email when you need any further assistance.

  • Why is my profile tagged as "OUT"?

    If someone asks for your bank info (bank name, account name, swift codes, account password, etc), do not reveal it to them for any reason. They might say that they need to contact their bank / credit card manager to send you the allowance that's why they need your bank info. It seems sincere but he's a scammer, remember that.

    Kindly screenshot the conversation and their profile page then report them before you block them. If they totally change their profile info and you don't report him before you block them, it will take us some time to check and find them out.

    Send these details to feedback directly will works as well.

  • Why are my messages all gone?

    Sudy is a serious daddy dating dating site. Profiles containing the following information will be tagged as unavailable:

    • 1.The system can`t detect your face.
    • 2.You posted inappropriate pictures of pornography, memes, violence, etc.
    • 3.You have no copyright of the photos.
    • 4.You posted third party contact information like phone number, Kik or Snapchat in Profile, Moments or any public places on Sudy.

    Please resubmit your profile if you violate the rules, we will respond ASAP.

  • Why should I get verified?

    Verification brings you lots of benefits:

    • 1.More attention and trust from other members.
    • 2.Unlimited times to post Moments, which puts you under the spotlight.
    • 3.Get free coins by sharing the verification on Facebook and Twitter.
  • How long does the verification process take?

    1.The verification takes 48hrs at most normally.

    2.It might take a longer time if we experience a heavy influx of new users. We'll try our best to speed up.

  • What are Sugars & Coins for?

    1.Sugar is a present to express your like to someone. All the sugars you receive will be displayed in your profile as Glamour. The more sugars you receive, the better chance you will get to be displayed.

    2.Coins are used for buying sugars. The coins you spend will be displayed in your profile as Wealth. The more coins you spend, the better chance you will get to be displayed.

    3.Purchase coins by tapping on Me > Get Coins.

  • How do I send a report to Sudy on the app?

    1.If you want to report a Moment, tap More in the lower right corner of the moment then fill out the report form.

    2.If you want to report someone, you can tap More at the upper right corner of his/her profile.

    3.If you want to report scammers, please provide us with evidence such as screenshots of your conversation so we can look into the issue more effectively.

    4.You can also send it to Feedback directly. We'll respond within 24hrs.

  • What should I do when I find a scammer?

    1.If someone asks for your bank info (bank name, account name, swift codes, account password, etc.), or asks you to buy him a gift card, whatever the reasons are, keep in mind that they are scammers and don`t respond to them.

    2.Please upload the conversation screenshot then report them before you block them.

    3.Sending the details to Feedback directly works as well.

  • Why am I unable to send messages?

    1.First, check your network and make sure you have the correct subscriptions. Sudy members need to upgrade as premium accounts to send messages.

    2.female sudy member users need to get the Beauty Verification to send messages.

    3.If it still doesn't work, feel free to send your problem to Feedback or contact us at: support@sudy.app.

  • Why are my messages all gone?

    If you delete the app and reinstall it, all your conversations will be emptied. Please note that when you`re updating Sudy, just update the app without deleting it.

  • Why can`t I send out my messages?

    First, Please check your network. Second, close Sudy and shut down background processes. Third, open Sudy again, if it still doesn`t work, please contact us via support@sudy.app and send your SID. (How to get my SID: Sudy > Me > Settings > Copy SID, then paste it)

  • What should I do if I find a bug?

    Check your network first, if there's any server error or other warnings, screenshot the bug page and send it to Feedback, or you can email us at: support@sudy.app.

  • How does the Sudy Premium subscription work?

    Please note the following points about Sudy Premium subscriptions:

    • 1.Payment will be charged to iTunes Account at the confirmation of purchase.
    • 2.The subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current subscription. The account will be charged as the renew goes.
    • 3.The subscription can be managed, please go to App store to turn off the auto-renewal in Account Settings.
  • How do I block messages from users that I have not liked?

    Sudy > Filters > Settings > Block Messages

  • How do I unsubscribe?

    App Store:

    • 1.Tap Settings on the Home Page,
    • 2.Tap iTunes & App Store.
    • 3.Tap your Apple ID at the top of the screen.